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Lavish to Lite Bites is a Personal Chef Service owned and operated by Catherine Richey. Catherine's mission is to provide delicious food experiences for you, your family and guests.  

Personal chefs can provide a multitude of food-related services for you, including: preparing customized meals for you and your family, teaching cooking lessons, preparing food for special events, organizing your kitchen, and helping with kitchen remodel design.


Chef Catherine Richey
Lavish to Lite Bites, LLC

San Antonio, Texas

(210) 683-2933

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"Chef Catherine is a cooking miracle. She is personable, knows her stuff about ALL things cookable and then some. She is always on time and uses her time wisely during her visits to my home. She listens (and remembers) what are my likes/dislikes. She encourages me to try new items. She is an adventure in cooking and doing it RIGHT. Chef Catherine looks at the big picture to provide me with good nutrition and help me make healthy choices. She can cook ANYTHING and it all tastes awesome! Her touch with veggies is perfection, so too with salmon, carrot salad, cabbage rolls, salad dressings (who would think I would like mustard dressing?), etc. Get this chef to your house or event; you will be so glad you did. She's the best!!!" ~ Barbara L.